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I missed the film here in Washington, DC. Can you tell me if it will be shown again in the metro area -- I really would like to see it. Thanks! Robert

Unfortunately, no plans for DC at this time, Robert. A bit puzzling because we sold out the huge Avalon Theater at our Wash DC Jewish Film Festival screening. If you get Cinemax, tune in on May 8th. Otherwise, the dvd should be out in August.

Doug...I"m attending the movie tomorrow evening with friends. I saw the trailor and have been reading about it on the website. This movie is very intriging to me. I'm wondering how on earth you are handling the uncovering of all of this information about your parents? Do you have a good therapist?? haha. I am so looking forward to watching this movie, and wish you all the best.

Hi...well, I came to see your movie about your parent´s marriage in German TV.And I wanted to tell you that...it came very close to me and it was overwhelming, because there was so much truth and so much about life and so many really personal things in it.I have never seen something like that before and I was really...I don´t know the right word for it, but I really liked it.Thanks a lot.

Have just watched your wonderful "51 Birch St." which I recorded from HBO some time ago. I believe I read about it in Hadassah magazine. Can't tell you how moved I was by your story. Have told so many about your amazing film and hope that they too will have the opportunity to see it when it comes out on DVD.

Thanks a lot, Carolin and Merle. No therapist, Lisa. I handled the uncovering of information quite a while back during the making of the film. And it wasn't like it was completely shocking. After all, parent are only human, right?

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