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I saw your film yesterday in Sarasota, chatted very briefly with you afterwards. I too have an only child daughter (7) and older stepchildren. I wondered at what point you decided to make the film about Lucy, and if you feel spending time looking at older footage of her either for the film or just for personal reasons added to your overall meloncolly/dread feelings as she got older

Patrick, I thought about making a film with Lucy many times over the years but it wasn't until she was about to enter her senior year (and I realized how soon she'd be leaving home for college) that I realized how to tell it as a story. It's like once I had a handle on the ending, I knew how to begin it.

Actually, looking at all the footage of Lucy during the editing phase helped keep me from getting too melancholy. After we finished the film last fall it was a particularly difficult time for just that reason.

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