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Great meeting you Doug! Will be watching the movie soon - I called my wife during your screening and she begged me to stop watching so we can watch it together.

I'll keep you posted.

Hello. I'm a photography student in England, I'm doing some research for a project I'm undertaking , and, have just come across your extremely intriguing film '51 Birch Street'. There's limited access to it on youtube, and, I can't seem to find a copy in the UK ; I'm desperate to see this film in it's entirety . Any ideas how I can get a copy that will play on UK DVD?

Many Thanks


Thanks, Lisa. You're in luck. Starting today (or at least supposedly starting today) 51 Birch Street will be released digitally and be available online at all sorts of places like iTunes, Hulu and Snag, among others. So you'll be able to see it from here on at any time. Of course, dvds are available at Amazon.com and many UK dvd players can be set to region 1.

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