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Hi Doug,

This post really made me laugh.

In the old days, when we were co-producing and you were the 'front man' with the media, etc, I used to cringe when you would say things like "Oh, it was shot on VHS so it was really cheap, it only cost $400" -- as though that was all that one needed to do to make a film -- go out and shoot...

I'm really glad to see that you're finally tooting another horn.

Films cost and good films cost a lot...!

Please come to DOC NYC on Friday, 4 November to see my work-in-progress 'On BEING THERE with Richard Leacock' and don't forget to bring your wallet. It's time to finally see the completion of this 40-year old labor of love...

bises, j

Well, you certainly hope you learn a few things over the years, dear Jane.

Can't wait to see the Leacock film, at last!

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